Friday, July 27, 2018

Weekly Reflection

This week, one of my main focuses and objective was to complete all given assessments from each of my subjects. To achieve this goal of mine, hard work and dedication had to be put towards completing my assessments to a standard which I am happy with and which I am capable of doing. Exceeding expectations is a standard which I look towards fulfilling and endorsing with a Merit or Excellence this year, is a long term goal that I look towards achieving.

What went well for me this week, was concentrating in my classes and working hard towards passing my assessments with a Merit. Geography is one of the subjects that I am currently taking this year and I've been working at a level which is preparing me for the External exam that is coming up. I've been focusing in class and have been aiming to finish my work to the best of my capacity. What has also gone well has been wearing correct uniform everyday of this week. This has been an issue in the past but I am beginning to realise the importance of representing our school in a positive matter. Showing good examples by completing assessments and wearing correct uniform are all great ways of demonstrating leadership abilities and in the future I aspire to be a leader which can present these attributes. 

Thank you,
Seraphina Lui


  1. This is a great post! I'm really happy to read about your goals and how hard you are working to achieve these. I am sure that if you stay focussed you will enjoy a lot of success with Level 2. Good luck!

  2. Thank you for sharing your goals and your thoughts. Keep us updated on how you are progressing!