Monday, August 13, 2018

Weekly Reflection

As we are half way into this term, my focus has been directed towards completing my assessments and preparing myself for externals which are held next term. As always, a priority of mine is completing my tasks and concentrating in my subjects.

Last week I dedicated alot of my time in completing my assessments. What went well, was being able to achieve and gain 3 excellence credits from one of my subjects which I worked very hard in. This is a personal achievement for myself and it allows me to see progress into achieving my overall goal which is endorsing this year. By gaining these excellence credits, it has pushed and motivated me more into working hard in my subjects to make my long term goal, reality. By putting 100% into what I want to achieve It is possible for me to overcome it. I look forward to seeing my progress throughout this year.

Thank you for reading,
Kind regards,

 Seraphina Lui


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  2. You're a great sport, I am so proud of you and this challenges you have overcome. I look forward to seeing all the achievements you receive in the future and the leadership qualities that you gain <3