Friday, August 17, 2018

Weekly Reflection

This week I attended the Mindset Programme which is a 6 week programme which allows you to gain knowledge of ways that you can help someone who is emotionally unstable and different approaches you can use to cope with your emotions and struggles you may be experiencing. This programme has already taught me alot of different and useful techniques which I am able to use personally and can also use to help others. Making our community a more positive environment is something I'm passionate about and uplifting my peers in a more efficient way is something which is also very important to me as it is crucial for me to try my best to help and support them as best as I possibly can.

What has gone well was learning different breathing techniques and meditating methods which helps with calming the mind and focussing on different thoughts other than the ones you may be struggling with. I look forward to sharing the knowledge I gain with more people and spreading awareness about coping mechanisms that can help everyone, if i am able to help one person out of the few that are struggling then I'd feel proud and my next step will look towards helping more. The group that is apart of the programme is a group which I refer to as all my friends and I am privileged that I get the opportunity to learn with them and hopefully grow a closer relationship with them during the programme and also outside of the programme. 

Thank you for reading,
Seraphina Lui


  1. Kia ora Seraphina, thanks for sharing your experience of attending this programme. It is crucial that people learn the skills to overcome traumatic situations and that there are others to support them in this. You must be very glad that you have developed these skills and can give this love and support as well as receive it when you need to.

  2. Kia ora Seraphina. Thank you for sharing this. I hope that you have been able to use these strategies and they are enabling you to reach your goals

  3. Talofa Seraphina,
    I worked in PHS last year in the same role of making Learn, Create, Share happen on blogs as Angela and Mr Borland are doing.
    Thanks for sharing about your passion to make your community a more positive environment and to uplift your friends. Could you add a link to the Mindset Programme to get a sense of what it is?
    Mrs Krausse